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King Midas is very weathly king. His hobby was collecting gold. From the time he got up in the morning to the time he went to bed, he would count his gold.
One morning, as he was sitting alone in the garden, Dionysius, the gold of wine, came to him and said, “ Midas, I grant you a touch of gold. Whatever you touch, it will turn into gold. Be careful. What thing will bring you the most happiness might cause you the greatest grief. ”
Midas was very happy. He didn`t heed Dionysius`s warning. He touch a tre and it run to gold. He touch his palace and it turned to gold. Midas danced joyfully.
Suddenly, he realized that he couldn`t eat because when he touch the food, it turn to gold. He was very hungry and the worst thing happened when his daughter ran to him crying and complained that all the flowers in the garden had turned to gold.  When Midas touched his beloved daughter, she turned to gold. He was extremely unhappy.
Finally, Midas went back to Dionysius and said, “ Please tack back your gift. I no longer want the golden touch. I realized that wealth does not always bring happiness. “
Dionysius laughed, I see that you have changed. Go and bathe in the river of poctulus. The spell will be undone and your woe will be gone.
King Midas was relieved and happy. After he took a bath, he rushed into his palace. He poured the water to his daughter and she came back to life.

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